Halloween last minute costume guide

Having problems coming up with a costume at the last minute? Want to put together something that will just really impress your friends? Well worry not! Because you’re going to find the perfect costume in this article. This is the Last minute Halloween costume guide for you.

Acting goes a long way

Before we start getting into some last minute costume tricks, it’s important to note that the more you act like the person or thing you are dressing up as, the more believably and thus appreciated your costume will be. So don’t forget to use a deeper voice or even hunch over a little bit depending on what you are dressing up as. It really does go a long way!

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The Halloween costume

The best and easiest last minute costume which is also very cheap and believable is actually the zombie costume. All you need is some red food dye or any red colored liquid that doesn’t have a strong smell, and some old clothes that you don’t really care about.

Your first step will be to start shredding up those old clothes a little so that when you wear them, you’ll look like you’ve just walked through a war zone! Next try to wear a white shirt. Now soak the white shirt with your red food coloring or liquid. The contrast between the white and red will make it a lot more noticeable and scary!

Halloween last minute costume guide

Almost done!

Now wear those old raggy clothes on top and make sure they hang of your body a little.

Now for the face, there are a couple interesting things you can do. The first thing you can do is put some gel in your hair and make it very messy. Then you can start using red lipstick with some food coloring to mark your face with a little red.

And that’s it your almost done! The final thing you need to do is to… Make sure you act like a zombie! If you walk slowly, and drag one of your legs on the floor then people will really think some creepy zombie is coming and not you! This costume is guaranteed to scare your friends badly!

Hope you liked the simple Halloween last minute costume guide!