Hidden trick to get sixes in Ludo Star?

Ludo Star Hack

Just like 8 Ball Pool, Ludo Star 2017 powered by Gameberry, is getting famous in no time. Why are people going crazy over this Ludo board game? Well…because it offers a lot of crazy fun that any smartphone user would love. Users can play Ludo in real time. That means you can play this game with your friends and family.

Ludo Star Hidden Trick

There is a hack or trick that many know about, but people are not sure if it’s true… So we tried it out as well. A youtuber discovered a fault/glitch in the time bar of Ludo Star. This hack is that every time you roll a dice when the time hits 12:15… You get six or a high number in Ludo Star.

But before going into more detail regarding this hack.

The legendary Game of Ludo

Have you ever played Ludo the board game with your friends and family? It’s an old board game that people can relax and enjoy. Ludo is a game that has been around since the 6th century. The game is played with 2-4 players and each player has 4 tokens that they must take across the board game and back home to free the token. After freeing all your tokens before your opponent, you win! But beware, for your enemy can take your tokens simply by rolling the dice to land on the same square you are standing on. You can also take your enemies tokens, and kill them by getting a lucky roll! Ludo is a game of both strategy, skill and luck. Fun for all ages!

 This game sure does bring backs memories…

More about the Hidden Hack

People are arguing about the reliability of this trick. Some think that it works, and some think that it’s fake. I tried this trick myself.

I downloaded the game, opened it and started playing as a guest player. Then I got in a game with random players, and concentrated on the time of my turn and tried to tap at exactly 12:15. I was shocked… I really ended up getting a six on my very first attempt! And I was like OMG…!

Ludo Star Hack

More Testing of the Hack

Then I again and the result was same. I got a six and saw it with my very own eyes! I still couldn’t believe it, so I woke my brother up from his deep slumber and tried it again with 110% concentration… but it ended up failing! It wasn’t a six or even a high number… So, I ended up getting scolded by my brother for waking him up for no reason.

I was disappointed but I wanted to try one last time and guess what? Then I got another six. I tried it again and again, almost 40% attempt were disappointments and 60% were sixes.

I tried it for few more days and asked my friends to try it as well. It’s the same for everyone. They cannot get sixes every time but luckily, they get higher chances to getting sixes than other players.

So give it a shot! practice getting the timing right, and may sixes always be in your future!

Ludo STAR : 2017 (New)
Ludo STAR : 2017 (New)
Developer: Gameberry
Price: Free+