How to be amazing at any game in 3 simple steps


How to be amazing at a game

Getting good…It isn’t as hard as you think

Millions of people around the world play video games, whether it’s on the PC, PS4, Xbox or even Wii. All of these players play games for many reasons, to have fun, to play with their friends or even to make new friends. Yet something everyone who’s ever played a game really wants… is to be good at the game.

Well, when you try to reach out to others and see if you can get some help to get good… You are often met with contempt. In the gaming world, people often mistakenly link skill with talent. They say undermining comments like, “dude, just git gud!” But that’s not very helpful now is it?

That’s what this article is for! To be helpful, so here are just 3 simple steps you should take to be good at a game… Which game you ask? Well… Just about any game.

How to be amazing at a game

Step 1 – Prepare yourself

What this means, is that you must first make sure you are able to perform at your maximum potential. With online games, it is crucial to have a good connection, make sure you upgrade your internet package to a better one if you suffer from lag! Additionally, if your game of choice is a PC game… Make sure that your computer can run the game without frame issues.

One good method to check if your computer is good enough to run the game, is to check if you can keep over 30 FPS (Frames per second) while running the game on its maximum quality settings. If you can, then you’re all set! Lower the settings until a comfortable amount. Playing on low settings can also enhance your game play, as your game starts running a lot smoother. With online games, having smooth game play is a lot more important than graphics usually.

Preparing yourself also has to do with your extra gear as well. Make sure you have a good keyboard and mouse or controller for console. A good headset with a good mic also goes a really long way. With online games, often communicating clearly to your friends or teammates really matters.

Step 2 – Learn from the Best

Learning from the best means that whatever tips or tricks you pick up, are efficient and meaningful things that enhance your game. Rather than learning from someone you know who is a little better than you at the game, why not learn from the best? Well there is a good place to get this knowledge. The streaming platform known as twitch.

How to be amazing at a game

Twitch is a website where very good or entertaining players broadcast their game play. You can probably find whichever game you are really interested in on this website! It’s easy, just look in the twitch directory or even use the search bar. If you want to get better at an online game, than the chances of finding good players playing your preferred game is very high. All you have to do now, is watch these twitch streamers like watching TV. You can watch funny people play the game you love and learn more about tips and tricks at the same time!

How to be amazing at a game

Step 3 – Practice and Mindset

Now that you know what the best way to play your game are from the twitch players… All that’s left to do is practice!

But just practicing itself is not easy. The first thing you need to make sure you have is a good mindset. You need to change the way you think. Initially, don’t play to win but rather to learn. Trust me, if you stop caring as much about losing and focus on just yourself and getting better at the game… Then you will see big results! You can worry about winning later, when you feel extremely happy and confident with your skills.

You will find yourself jumping up the world rankings and becoming one of the best in no time! Now, I won’t lie, even these steps require a lot of effort. But you can do it! Because after all, getting better at a game and learning how to be more skilled is really fun!