How to delete all contacts from BlueStacks 2 at once

delete all contacts from BlueStacks 2

Using Android on PC or Mac is very easy with Android emulators. There are so many Android emulators for PC but only a few of them are worth trying and one of them is BlueStacks 2 App Player. You can download this emulator from their official website. This emulator is free to use, although it will ask you to buy it’s paid version. You can still use it on your PC free without any issue. After BlueStacks 1, BlueStacks 2 was a huge success and includes the best user experience.

There are many reasons you would want to use an Android emulator on PC and one of them is low data storage. You can overcome these storage issues by using half of your apps and games on your PC. This is a great reason to use the BlueStacks 2 App Player. Also, it’s very nice for people who are comfortable with bigger screens. If you are familiar with BlueStacks 2, you might encounter an issue regarding your contacts list. You cannot delete all your contacts at once.

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Perhaps you want to delete all your contacts because you are moving locations. perhaps you want to delete them because your system got hacked. Additionally, with the phone applications like Whats-app, Viber and Skype, sometimes the contacts might transfer over into your main list automatically. Now, you want to remove lots of contacts in one go, and it’s such a pain….Well, its actually not!

If you are having these issues, then there’s some good news for you! We have a solution, and it’s easy to understand even if you are new at using BlueStacks 2.

Just follow the simple instructions given below

delete all contacts from BlueStacks 2
Deleting contacts from BlueStacks 2 is simple. © ScrollBite

How to delete all contacts from BlueStacks 2 at once

There are many Android apps that helps you manage contacts. But we are going to give you the best and simplest app that will save lot of your time.

  1. Open Google Play Store in BlueStacks 2 App Player.
  2. Search for the Contact Remover tool that is powered by HolyHog Software LLC.
  3. Now download and install the contact Remover tool on BlueStacks 2 App Player. It is a free and easy to use application that does exactly what it says.
  4. Open the app from the app drawer.
  5. If you want to delete all your contacts from BlueStacks 2 at once, click the “Select All” button.
  6. It will pop-up a confirmation message, select “Delete” and it will delete all your selected contacts.

This is how you delete all contacts at once. Why you want to use this app is obvious. This app is free, simple and available in just a few Mbs. What more can a user ask for?

You can delete contacts by selecting them manually with this app too, but it’s totally up to you. The User Interface of BlueStacks 2 is simple. It’s the same as your Android phone or tablet. So, all the issues on this emulator can be easily resolved with some simple instructions. If you have any difficulties regarding BlueStacks 2 App Player, feel free to share with us in the comment box below.