How to download any song for free

Do you want to download any song from YouTube? Or any other online source? Having problems with finding download links? Well you won’t have any more issues after reading this article!

how to download any song for free


Downloading music or songs from sketchy websites is often scary. Considering the fact that these websites might give you viruses or even steal personal information using malicious key-loggers. Do you want to avoid these kind of problems? Well I will give you two easy and painless ways to download any song in MP3 format that can be played anywhere.

Download any song from YouTube

If the song you want to download is from YouTube, then that is fairly easy and quick!

Go to this website: downvids

From this website you can easily link the URL of the video and then select MP3 only in the checkbox below the link spot. Then hit enter and your video will show up under the bar. After that, click on the download bar and download as MP3. You will see that the video will start instantly saving as a high quality MP3 file.

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Download any song from any website

This is a very painless and easy way to download any song from YouTube. But to download songs from other websites is a bit trickier. Thankfully there is one very clever way you can do this. Simple take advantage of screen recording software. Screen recording software that gamers and streams use to record their computer screens also come with high definition sound recording. All you need to do is start recording your screen and then click play song on whatever website you are using as your song source.

Let the full song play out and then hit stop recording after it is done. All you need to do is find the audio file in the folder it is being saved in and you’re all done!

Here is a list of some trust worthy recording software’s



how to download any song for free


how to download any song for free

Wondershare Filmora

how to download any song for free


how to download any song for free

After you install these programs, you do not need to use their full functions, just simply use them for audio recording. Make sure you go under audio settings for each respective program and record on the maximum available quality. Additionally make sure you time the start and stop recording effectively.

And that’s it! Now you should be able to enjoy your songs that you have downloaded for free!

Do not attempt to sell or distribute any downloaded songs, they are for personal use.

This article is for entertainment purposes only!