How to use Google Maps Offline on Android


Google Maps is THE top navigation tool for Smartphones and there is no other app worth your time. It is a built-in app anyone gets when they buy an Android smartphone. Now traveling is easier and safer with this app on your Android phone.  If you don’t know about Google Maps, then you should probably know and use it if you’re having difficulties with finding the best traveling routes. People often think that Google Maps Offline on Android phones cannot be used, but you will find out shortly that…you can!

Google Maps is already present in almost any phone, Android or iOS. It is a Navigation & Transit application. It provides you with GPS navigation and detects the best route to your destination according to real-time traffic conditions. Due to google maps automatic re-routing which is based on live traffic, if an accident occurs or if the traffic is blocked, google will determine your best possible route for you. The aim of the app is to get you to your destination as fast as possible and provide GPS.

The app also gives you the ability to find places to eat, local business, and all types of points of interest very easily. You can see reviews and comments by other people easily as the entire google map system is interlinked with all the relevant websites.

Additionally a new feature was recently released in Google Maps which tells you what the best time of day it will be for you to travel to your destination. They way this works is Google Maps uses it’s new time estimation system. This looks more in-depth into average traffic conditions for that time of day. If a trip across town will take you one hour in the morning and two hours in the evening, Google Maps will tell you this in a way that’s very easy to understand 

There are countless features Google Maps are providing their users right now. One of the simple yet most useful feature is the ability to use it offline. You can use Google Maps offline on Android & iOS devices. In order to do that, you need to follow the instructions given below.

How to use Google Maps Offline on Android

  1. Turn on your internet connection.
  2. Turn on the “Location” on your Android device.
  3. Open “Maps” and make sure you have signed in to it with a Gmail account.
  4. Now there are two possible ways you can download Maps offline.
  5. If you want to download the map of your current location. Then follow these instructions:
      • Make sure the location is accurate.
      • Now open side navigation menu which is designed as three horizontal lines on the top left side of your Google Maps App.
      • Open “Offline maps” and tap on the “SELECT YOUR OWN MAP” button.
      • Now select the area you want to download. It will tell you the size of that specific area in MBs.
      • Once you have decided the area, tap on “Download” button and now it will start downloading it for you.
  1. If you want to search and download specific area then follow these instructions below:
    • Search for the specific city on Google Maps.
    • Now tap the “MORE INFO” button on the bottom left side of your device.
    • Tap “DOWNLOAD” from here and resize the map if you want to.
    • Now tap “DOWNLOAD” once more and it will start downloading that area for you.

How to change the offline Maps Storage preferences on Android devices.

Low storage is one of the main issue Android users face these days. But thankfully, you can change the storage preferences of the offline map to your SD card. In order to do that follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open side navigation menu which is designed as three horizontal lines on the top left side of Google Maps.
  2. Tap “Offline Maps” and open it. Tap the “Settings” icon on the top right side of Google Maps.
  3. Open “Storage Preferences” and select SD Card.

Offline Maps expires after 30-days… What do I do about that?

Yes, Offline maps only stays on your Android device for 30 Days, but this has it’s benefits. Maps and routes keep on changing with time and Google wants you to stay updated. There is a way to keep on updating the maps you have downloaded for offline use.

  1. Open side navigation menu which is designed as three horizontal lines on the top left side of Google Maps.
  2. Tap “Offline Maps” and once you have opened it. Tap the “Settings” icon on the top right side of Google Maps.
  3. Now make sure “Automatically update offline maps” option is enabled.

In addition, make sure you have selected download preferences to just your WiFi. This will help you save battery and mobile data.

There are many benefits of using offline maps and one of them is really obvious. If you are going somewhere you are not sure internet will work, it’s going to be a lifesaver in that situation by having downloaded maps in your phone.