Easiest method to make perfect Instagram photo split grid

Ever wondered how people make so perfect grid on Instagram? Do you think they need some precise measurement or something to get to that certain point? Luckily not! The idea looks complex but developers these days provided a better and easiest solution for this. Use the app to create perfect grids for you. You can split any photos into grid of you liking with few clicks. All you need to do is to download a one single free app called 9square for Instagram by hodanny. This app let you directly upload those split images with a simple method. If you are interested in this guide, read the instructions given below.

Instagram split grid

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Get any Photo split grid app for Instagram

Play Store is filled with countless apps with the same exact feature. You can also try other apps but if you want our opinion, then go for 9square for Instagram app. This app let you simply do your job in a simple way possible. Click the link given below to access this app or open Google Play Store and write the name of this app and you can install it afterwards.

9square for Instagram
9square for Instagram
Developer: hodanny
Price: Free+

How it works

This app is free and available for everyone, so you can download it directly from Play Store. Once downloaded, open this app from your app drawer.

  • The UI is pretty simple. Press the big button at the bottom of this app that looks like a gallery icon.
  • It will open your gallery or recent files. Open the file that you want to split into pieces.
  • Now select the number of rows and columns from the option that works best for your photo. (You can resize the grid)
  • Once you are ready, click done button from the bottom right corner of this app.
  • You have successfully created a perfect photo split grid for your Instagram.
  • Now you have two options, you can save it to SDCARD or POST IT TO INSTAGRAM.
  • If you are not sure what to post first, then simply click Post it to Instagram button. It will Open the first image that needs to be upload directly in your Instagram app.
  • Once done, go back to this app and again click on the same button “Post it to Instagram” to post 2nd, 3rd and onwards photos one by one. When finished, you can go check your Instagram profile and damn it look so perfect. I recently uploaded some photos on my account as well. Go check it out: @arslanorigamist12

This article is for Android devices only but you can find such apps on iOS for free as well.

If you have any question regarding to this article, feel free to ask us on the comment box below.