iOS 12 Problems: How To Fix Them

iOS 12 was announced at WWDC on 4th June 2018, by Apple Inc, and was now finally released to the public with lots of features, like Group FaceTime, new Memoji, Measure app and Screen Time feature on Settings.

After the release of the iOS 12 public version, so many people rushed to get it installed on iPhone and iPad to enjoy the features. But following the new software update, there came some errors and problems.

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iOS 12 problems are continuing to crop up even though Apple intended that the big update would squash bugs and fix issues we’ve encountered over the last year.

But nonetheless, we do recommend updating to the new software iOS 12.  You should update to iOS 12 and possibly try testing out the new iOS 12 .1 beta, as it will fix a lot of your problems.

In this post, we collected these issues people met or may meet after updating to iOS 12, and also put all tips together to fix these iOS 12 problems. Now let’s check the problem list:

1. iOS 12 Bluetooth Issue

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You may have found the Bluetooth icon was missing from your iPhone. Actually, it’s normal and not a problem since Apple removed it from the status bar. But if you are suffering from Bluetooth not working or that it won’t connect after the update to iOS 12, you might have met the true iOS 12 Bluetooth issue.

Potential Solution:

  • Turn Bluetooth off from Settings. Go to Settings > tap Bluetooth > switch off Bluetooth.
  • If the first fix is not working, you can try to reset network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

2. iOS 12 Apps Crashing or Quitting Constantly


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This is a very common issue for iPhone and iPad users. Maybe there are some apps freezing or quitting constantly after updating to iOS 12. This problem could arise due to various reasons. And the top reason would be that the crashed app didn’t fully update to be compatible with the new iOS 12 software update.


Potential Solutions:

  • Check for updates. Go to App Store and see whether there’s an update available for the app that’s freezing. If so, update your crashing app.
  • Force quit the App and Re-launch it. If the app does not respond, you can force quit the app and open it again.
  • Restart your device. Restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and then open the app to see if it works properly.

3. Your iMessages are sent to the wrong people

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Here’s an odd one: users are reporting that after updating to iOS 12, their iMessages are being sent to the wrong people. There’s at least one obvious culprit here, but we don’t quite know why: both the intended and actual recipients are all using the same Apple ID. Others are saying everyone with the same Apple ID gets looped into the same group conversation.

Potential Solution:

  • Switch to Family Sharing, which creates separate contacts, calendars, notifications and so on.
  • Those using the same Apple ID must go into each of their device’s iMessage settings and decouple it from their Apple ID.

4. Increased battery drain

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One of the most lauded iOS 12 features was better performance for older devices, but some users are reporting that post-update, their device batteries are draining abnormally quickly.

Basically, when so much of the code is changed, parts of the internal storage directory are rearranged and it takes a bit more effort for the device to find apps and stored information. If this is the cause of the battery drain, fret not: it has historically only taken a couple days for phones to re-index themselves.

Potential Solution:

  • Check your device battery’s health to ensure that’s not causing the drain. If the maximum capacity is below 85%, it may be time for a battery change.
  • Reset the device to factory settings, cleanly update to iOS 12, and then restore. 
  • Reset the device to factory settings, but don’t restore from iCloud or a backup, instead cleanly install iOS 12 and manually download every app.

5. Hotspot won’t turn off

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This may or may not prove to be a widespread issue. When directly connecting an iPhone 6S to a laptop that had previously used the phone as a hotspot, it reconnected automatically – and stayed connecting, even after shutting off the phone’s Personal Hotspot setting.

This could be a faulty setting on the carrier side, or it may only occur in older iOS devices.

Potential Solution:

  • Go to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This should prevent your computer from automatically connecting to your iOS device’s hotspot, though there might be other fixes out there for this issue.

6. Alarm Not Working

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It is annoying to get up and find yourself late only because your alarm isn’t ringing. Many Apple users reported on Reddit that after they updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 beta version, their Alarm app on iPhone or iPad was not working. Generally, you can restart or force reboot your iPhone or iPad to see if the alarms start working. If it doesn’t work, there are other ways to fix this iOS 12 bugs.

Potential Solutions:

  • Check if you turned Mute on.
  • Remove the third-party alarm apps if you have, because some third-party alarm apps may be conflicted with the built-in Clock app in iPhone or iPad.
  • Recreate your alarms. First, delete all the alarms and close the app, then open the app and add your alarms again. Some users have fixed the problem by this method.

We hope you found what you were looking for here. We will try to come up with more solutions to iOS 12  problems so you can fix them sitting at home!