Brilliant Life Hacks Every Cat Owner Need to Know

Surely cats make great pet, the cute little beings don’t really need much maintenance and they love gently playing around the house. They love to be pet, to be held and cuddle, just give them a little bit of your attention and they’ll give you a lot of love in return.

You don’t have to do much effort, instead an easy care is required to handle them. They know how to keep themselves clean and tidy as well as the place around them, as they are trainable.

You don’t need to dot on them all day as cats don’t demand for your constant attention, they’re so content, and your presence is enough for them to be happy and delighted.

I know it’s really easy to pet a cat, but here are some brilliant life hacks that every cat owner need to know. They’ll surely help you to give them best life possible, since the cute little animals with stunning eyes and soft fur deserves the best life possible.

Stop litter tracking by using rubber mat

Whenever the cat litter, it gets stuck in her paws. The innocent beings just can’t help it, when there are done with litter and jump out the litterbox, they carry it where they traverse next. You can stop them from doing so, all you need is to spend some of your money. There are many rubber and plastic mats available in the market. You can place it in front of the litter box to trap the stray bits.

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Reduce unwanted litter odor by green tea leaves

No matter how tidy your cat is, its litter adds to the unwanted odors around your house. The bad odors surely disturb the clean and healthy environment of your house. This problem has an easy solution, just sprinkle some green tea leaves in the litterbox. It’ll help to remove the unwanted bad odor of the litter and prevents the growth of bacteria in it.

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Make them more comfortable by making them a grass bed

Some cats love to get comfortable by laying down on grass. They really get fascinated by grass and if your cat is like the one, make sure to give them the comfort by making a bed of grass. And if you own a cat house then it’s a really neat idea of bring a little bit of outdoors inside your house. What else could be best for making your cat to chill out on?

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Use the space under the chair to make a hammock

It’s so easy to make a cozy hammock for your cat to get relaxed on. This idea is surely going to help you, especially if your house is out of space. You just need an old pillow case, cut it in small size and tie them with some Velcro strips to provide them strong support. Now tie it down under the chair to give your cats their very own personal space.

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Make them a DIY tent to hide in

It’s so easy to make a DIY tent for your cat by using some basic stuff that must be easily available in your house. Wire coat hangers will be helpful for making the frame like a tent. You need two coat hangers, now cross each other over the top and put an old t-shirt over the frame. The hole for the head makes the perfect way for the entrance of the cat. They can’t thank you for that, but they’ll be content their very own tent.

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Remove unnecessary fur using rubber gloves

The simplest hack ever, how convenient it’s to get rid of the unnecessary cat hair by using rubber gloves. This hack is so simple, yet works so brilliantly. You’ll surely get addicted to it once you find out how smoothly it works. Now you can easily clean up your couches and lounges to get rid of the cat fur.

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Prevent cats from unrolling tissue rolls by using citrus spray

Stop your cat from unrolling the tissue roll by simply tucking it in the one end of the tube. You can also use any clip to prevent it from unfolding. If it doesn’t help you then spray some citrus scent around the washroom. Cats don’t usually like the scent of oranges and lemons, so it’ll keep them away from spoiling the tissue roll.

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Do quick serving by using easy pouring food jar

If your cat is so anxious about food and can’t wait for the food to be served, then you need to make you dinning service quick. You can easily do it by putting the cat food in a plastic container or pouring jar. It’ll help you in quick serving of food for your cat.

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Entertain your cat with DIY puzzle

You need to be a bit handy with the material available at home to make a homemade puzzle box to entertain your cat for hours. You need stuff like an old food container and some toys. Cut the circles on the lid of the container with the help of sharp knife and make sure to be careful while doing so. Now fill the box with the toys, make it difficult enough for your cat to catch its favorite treat but don’t make it impossible. Make sure to burn the cut edges so it won’t hurt your cute little kitten.

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For better understanding of your cat body language, take a look at the following image summarizing your cat’s body language. It’s a bonus from my side, so you can better take care of your precious little being!

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I hope my post helped to make it easier for you to maintain best life possible for your pet cat. These are all the life hacks every cat owner need to know. Keep visiting the website for more life hacks for your pet as well as for your home.