New Year Resolution – How to Make 2018 Your Year

Welcome 2018! Yes, we’re now living in 2018 and how incredible it’s. You must had celebrated it well, hoping that this year brings the best for everyone and greeted this New Year with great merriment with your family and friends. If you need help in your new year resolution, read below.

The New Year celebrations are over though, but this is not the end, not at all. Now it’s the time to plan the best beginning for the New Year. If you want to make your 2018 the best productive year of all then return your attention towards 2018 and all those things you can achieve in this year.

New year resolution
New year resolution


Now forget if you had a productive 2017 or not, because no matter how much hard work you did to make 2017 product and efficient year, it’s never too late to strive for better. You can probably tune-up your habits to be more efficient for the year onward. Last year may have been a dynamic year, but you can even make 2018 better by simply changing some of your habits. We surely want our careers to continue to excel.

New Year resolution is the new trend in town. Though people have been vowing the self-improvement for the New Year from thousands of years, but now the new trend for New Year resolution has caught us. Many people including the celebrities are making New Year resolution, specially posting them on social media. The New Year resolution may include the minor goals like changing the bad habits in addition to major goals like settling up your future.

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No matter how small New Year resolution you aim for, they’re as easy to break as they’re to make. Making New Year resolution is one thing, but getting stick to them is another, which is often more difficult. But don’t worry, you just need a firm determination and focus on your goal.

New year resolution
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Here are some of the tips on how to make 2018 your year and how to pursue your New Year resolution. Take a look at them!

1. No more excuses from now on

EXCUSES!  Sounds best to those who’re always up to make them. How convenient it’s for us to external faults for our own inadequacies. But this is of no use, it’s not going to be beneficial for us in any way. Instead, this bad habit is limiting us to grow into a better person and preventing us to bring the best in ourselves. Excuses are only going to prevent you from getting more opportunities for your self-improvement.

So, if you want to bring out the best in yourself, the best possible step is to stop making excuses. Everything will start getting better in your life if you take complete ownership of your life.

2. Start your day with the toughest task

Don’t ever forget to RISE AND SHINE guys. Start you day by analyzing the task that you find difficult to accomplish, then do all the best possible effort to complete it at the start of your day. It’ll really make a difference in your life. Once you’re done with your task, you’ll feel like you’ve conquered the day.

You can also make a to-do list to mention the difficult tasks, the targets of your day. Or you can star the tasks you need to get done first.

3. Strengthen your mental fortitude

We usually don’t pay attention towards our mental health. But your mental health is as IMPORTANT as physical health. However, in my aspect mental health is more important because if you can control your mind, you can control your life. You can easily focus on your goals and resolutions if your mind is calm.

The best way to calm and strengthen your mind is to do yoga daily or read a book. You can also sit calm and alone to spend some quality time with yourself.  The strengthened your mental fortitude is, the better you’ll focus on your goals and resolutions.

4. Don’t forget to show gratitude

As being humans, every one of us wanted to be appreciated and valued, we’re all driven by this desire. But you must be aware of the rule that GIVE AND TAKE. So, if you want to be respected and valued, then you must first give it to others. So, if you show appreciation to others, you’ll surely get appreciated. Show gratitude to others so you’ll get the same in return.

If someone has done favor to you then don’t forget to write thank you card to them or write email to them. Don’t forget that what goes around comes around, so show gratitude as often as you can and you’ll feel wonderful.

5. Manage your time well

The most important thing for us to focus on is the PROPER MANAGEMENT of your time. All of us need a little help to divide our time. We’re mostly focused on our work life and the time left behind is spent on social media. Well so can see it’s not balanced, we aren’t using our time well.

So, buy yourself a dairy and at every Sunday schedule out your time for the coming week. Schedule the time for your personal projects and your work projects, settle the time for your friends and family, fix your time for yoga and gym. It’ll help to keep your mind fresh so you can easily manage to focus on your goals along with proper management of time.

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Well guys, these were some of the trips that’ll guide you to set your New Year resolution and let you know how to make 2018 your year.

But my advice to you is that “don’t wait for New Year to start working on your dreams and goals”. It’s never too late to start a new beginning and I’ll be writing more articles for you people to give you all the motivation you need to accomplish your goals.

Happy New Year guys. I hope this year brings more success for you.

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