How to Download Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android device

Google Pixel 2 is a newest Smartphone by Google and it is really promising. The design is good, and the features are amazing. I am a huge fan of their devices because of the camera and they never disappoint me. The UI design of all the Pixel series are simple yet addicting to use and luckily anyone can use that UI on any Smartphone. Yes, you can download Pixel 2 launcher on any Android device. So, if you have a non-pixel phone, we got you covered.

I love the fact that Google released the launcher on Play Store for everyone, but unfortunately non-pixel devices cannot use Google Feed on the left-most side of homescreen. To make it work, you need to install that launcher as a system app that requires rooting your device. So, I decided to find a way to get almost all the features from Google Pixel 2 on any Android device without rooting. Thanks to paphonb – A senior member of XDA, we can now enjoy almost all the features of Pixel 2 on any Android device including Google Feed.

Pixel 2 launcher

You don’t need to root your device to download this launcher and this is a plus point. Anyone with Android Lollipop and above can enjoy this launcher on their Smartphones.

Key features of Pixel 2 mod launcher aka Rootless Pixel 2 launcher is given below:

  • Enable google now and weather without installing as a system app
  • Enable notification badges for M & N
  • Add pull down to open notifications drawer
  • Fix blue folders on Xperia devices
  • Change accent color to Pixel blue
  • Add circle icon shape for Nexus on stock O
  • Dark theme

You can download Pixel 2 Mod Launcher for non-Pixel devices and Pixel 2 launcher for previous Pixel/nexus devices. If you are interested in using Pixel 2 launcher on your Smartphones, then follow the guide given below.

Download Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android device

Make sure your device is Android Lollipop or above. Now download the APK from XDA’s official thread and the link is given below.

If you don’t know how to download and install any app manually, then follow the guide given below.

Install Pixel 2 Launcher APK on non-Pixel devices

Make sure you uninstall any previous update if you have already tried this launcher. When you download the APK file of this launcher from above. Open any file manager and locate that downloaded APK file on your Smartphone. Now tap and click Install. If it’s your first time doing that, it will ask you to give permission from unknown sources. Do that and it will allow your Smartphone to download any app or game manually in APK format.

If you are installing anything manually, make sure you download it from trusted source.

Install Pixel 2 Launcher APK on Pixel devices

You can’t download the mod version of Pixel 2 launcher on your Pixel devices and you don’t really need one. Just download the latest APK of Google Pixel launcher from above to get all the features on Pixel/Nexus devices. Once downloaded, find the file from any file manager. Click install, and it will let you update your Pixel Launcher to the latest one.


By installing that mod launcher, you can enjoy the latest Google Pixel 2 launcher on Non-Pixel device. But when you try to access the wallpaper from its launcher itself, it will say “App not installed”. For that, you need to download Google Wallpapers app from Google Play Store. It is free for everyone. Just install it in your device, and now you can successfully access almost every feature including Google Wallpapers, news feeds, latest search bar and much more.

Stay tuned for more Pixel 2 related guides. If you want to add something or having issues with Pixel 2 launcher, feel free to discuss with us below.

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