How to root BlueStacks 3

If you love Android games, then you should know that there is a better way to play them. This way is through using your PC & Mac OS X for free. Yes, you can do this using… Android emulators! Among many Android emulators, BlueStacks 3 is the best one you can use for free on your PC and Mac. If you already use BlueStacks 3 and want to do something more, then you have come to the right place. You can root BlueStacks 3 without any hassle. Unlike BlueStacks 2 App player, there is no Pre-Rooted BlueStacks 3 right now… But this rooting guide is a piece of cake even for beginners.

Why root BlueStacks 3 app player?

If you don’t know about root then you should. Gaining root access is similar to using Windows as an Administrator. You can have full access to the system directory and can change the way your OS works. You can install custom ROMs, Xposed modules, titanium backup and much more. It is also good for those who love to tweak things. To get root access on apps, you need a root manager and Supersu is what you need for that.

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The main issue with rooting is that even though there are many one-click rooting apps out there… Your phone and your data is still at risk and rooting voids the warranty of your Android phone. So, what’s the best solution? You can root BlueStacks 3 App Player with just a few steps. This is basically risk free. You can tweak and experiment and learn many things in Rooted BlueStacks 3. So, if you are interested in rooting, then follow the instructions below.

How to Root BlueStacks 3

It’s not a hassle, if you just have few things downloaded to get root access in your Android emulator. To root BlueStacks 3 App Player for your PC, you need to prepare few things.

Pre-required downloads

  1. Download BlueStacks 3
  2. Download BlueStacks Tweaker 2
  3. Download Root Checker
  4. Download Super-Sume

1# Get BlueStacks 3 on your PC

Download BlueStacks 3 as it’s the emulator you are going to root. In order to do that, click the link from pre-required downloads. Once installed, open it and sign in to the Google Play Store services to get started with BlueStacks 3 on your PC. Make sure to not close BlueStacks 3 till its rooted.

2# Let BlueStacks Tweaker do its magic

courtesy to Anatoly79, a member of XDA who created a thread on the website for BlueStacks Tweaker 2. Now, download this tool on your PC and the link is given in pre-required download below.

The file is in zip form, extract it and place it anywhere on your PC. Now from that folder, open “BlueStacksTweaker2”. Make sure you are running BlueStacks 3 already. On BlueStacks Tweaker 2, go to “Helpers” in top navigation bar.

BlueStacks Tweaker for BlueStacks 3

There will be an option called, “Root BlueStacks”, Click “Patch” button. Once you click that button, it will show at the bottom left of the window in green color. This shows that root is successful. See the image above for a better understanding.

3# Check if BlueStacks 3 is really rooted with Root Checker

Now it’s time to party! But oh wait, let’s confirm if you really have gotten a root access for BlueStacks 3. For that, open Google Play Store and search Root Checker by joeykrim. Install it on your Rooted BlueStacks 3. You will get the Play Store link for a better understanding from pre-required downloads.

Other than that, if you don’t want to use Play Store or if it’s not working for you… Then you can download this tool in a form of a APK file and manually install it on your BlueStacks. For that, on BlueStacks 3, go to “My Apps”. Then click “Install APK” that is mention at the bottom side of BlueStacks 3. Now select your desired APK and it will start installing.

Now open this Root checker and click “Verify Root”. It will take less than a minute or sometimes even a few seconds to verify.

root checker for BlueStacks 3

Your device is successfully rooted. Congratulations! But if it says that BlueStacks 3 is not rooted then completely close BlueStacks 3 and BlueStacks Tweaker 2. Now reopen them and follow the steps from #2 onwards.

This guide works in the first attempt but if you are having bad luck, you can try another attempt and it will surely root BlueStacks 3.

4# Download SuperSu – A root manager for your device

As mentioned above, you need to download Super-Sume from above. You can get this app from the Play Store. It has a free version as well but if it’s not available, then you can download it manually and the link is given in the pre-required downloads.

Now download and install its APK on Rooted BlueStacks 3 and open it. Inside this app, there is a big blue button. Click it. It will download and install SuperSu for you. This app works just fine. If it doesn’t work for you then open Play Store and install SuperSu directly from there.

Now open SuperSu, it will prompt a message that “SU Binary needs to be updated”, click “Continue”. It will again ask you if you want to Install the SU Binary with Normal or TWRP/CWM method. Click “Normal”.

Now wait for it to take actions in order to complete installation. Once done, restart your Rooted BlueStacks 3 by completely closing it and reopen it again.

Now you are good to go. Download any root apps from Play Store or different sources and get access to those apps because now… You have a rooted BlueStacks 3 in front of you. Every time you will install and open any root app, it will ask you to give root permission through SuperSU. Give the access and now you are good to go.

SuperSu in rooted BlueStacks 3

This guide is for educational purpose only. If you have any issues regarding this guide. Feel free to ask us in the comment section below.