Save WEBP images to JPEG or PNG – Complete Guide

WEBP is a fast compression system by Google that allows you to view images a lot faster than the usual format of Jpeg or PNG. Everything is cool about this format but what are the flaws? Although they have worked years on it. They are not supported by some of the most commonly used image tools. So, it is really a hassle for those who want to save images because they are in WEBP. Most people use screenshot tools but is there another way? Luckily you can save Google’s WEBP images to JPEG or PNG by following the guide given ahead.

This guide doesn’t include any online software or plugins. All you need to know is a simple thing and then you can save all the WEBP images to JPEG or PNG with ease.

How to save WEBP images to JPEG or PNG

1: Now open Chrome in your PC or Mac. Now you need to open the website that supports WEBP images. I am going to show this tutorial by saving images from Play Store. They use WEBP images for bandwidth saving. Now open any app you on Google Play Store.

WEBP images to JPEG or PNG tutorial

2: Open any image you want to save in a new tab. To do that, right click an image and click “Open in new tab”. It will allow you to open that image in a new tab but in WEBP format. (On Smartphones, long press any image and tab “Open in new tab” option from there.

WEBP images to JPEG or PNG image 2

3: Now open the tab of the image that you just opened. Click the URL bar. Now delete the last three characters (-rw) of that URL and press enter. It will reopen the same image but this time its rendered in its original format. It would be JPEG or PNG.

WEBP images to JPEG or PNG image 3

4: All you need to do now is to save that image. For that, right click or long press the image then click save image and save it in its original format that is JPEG or PNG.

WEBP images to JPEG or PNG image 4

This is all it takes to download WEBP images to JPEG or PNG. You can do this guide on Chrome and Opera as well. This guide will work on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS as well. Read more articles like this from our Website. If you have any trouble regarding this guide, feel free to tell us in the comment box below.