Share live location in WhatsApp – Ultimate Guide

Share Live Location in WhatsApp
Share Live location in WhatsApp – Guide, tips and more!

WhatsApp is all-in-one communication app, where you can chat with friends both privately and with everyone around. During these past years, we witness many features like Video chat, Status and much more. This time they are rolling of the major feature for everyone. You can share live location in WhatsApp. Yes, you heard it right! They want us to stay in contact with our close ones no matter what. This is the best feature I could ever ask for from WhatsApp.

Share live location in WhatsApp – Everything you need to know

Its currently a new feature that people will eventually get on their Android devices. I recently tested this feature on Google Pixel XL and Moto X. They have this feature. Currently all the updated WhatsApp on Android devices offers this latest feature. I didn’t see this feature on iOS yet, but they will soon be able to use it.

Share live location in WhatsApp – Ultimate Guide

It let you share your live location for fix amount of time to anyone. No matter where you go, the person you sent your live location can see where you are. This is a good thing, if you are in unknow place and want to share location with your close friend or family. Other than that, if you are traveling with friends on different cars, so sharing location will allow you to track other and it will be a big help to support each other.

Share live location in WhatsApp
Share where you are and where you will be with live share location in WhatsApp.

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This feature can be used in countless ways and therefore I am loving it. You need to always turn on your Smartphone’s location to use this feature.

How to share live location in WhatsApp

Just follow the simple steps to share live location in WhatsApp:

Turn on location from your Smartphone’s settings. Now open any chat in WhatsApp. Tap attachment icon (From where you open gallery, camera etc.). Tap “Location”. Now there will be a new option called Share live location. Tap it and it will pop up some info related to this feature. Tap “Continue” and now you can set time to 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours. Add comment if you want to convey any info regarding this location sharing feature or anything.

Now you have successfully sent your live location to the person you want to. When the time runs out, WhatsApp will automatically turn off your live location. See the screenshots below to get the idea of it.

How to stop sharing live location manually

There are two ways you can stop sharing live location manually:

1# Manually Stop live location individually

If you shared your live location to a single person, or if you have send live location to multiple people but want to remove the specific someone, then open his/her chat on WhatsApp. Find the sent live location in chat history. Tap “Stop Sharing”. It will stop sharing your live location to that individual. See the images below for better understanding.

2# Manually Stop Live Location from everyone at once

If you have send live location to multiple chats, and want to stop sharing your location, then there’s a better and faster way.

Go to settings in WhatsApp. Open “Accounts”, now open “Privacy”. From here you will see an additional option called “Live Location”. It will show you the time left for each shared live location. Tap “Stop sharing” option and it will stop sharing live location for everyone at once. This option is not hard to find and its very handy if you got a hang of this feature. See the images below for better understanding.

Download Latest WhatsApp to get this feature

If you haven’t get this feature on your Smartphones, it probably because you don’t have updated WhatsApp on your Smartphone. Just open Google Play Store, search WhatsApp and see if you get any update. Update it you will most probably me able to use this feature on any Android device by now. Just click the link below from your Smartphone and check if you have any update.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free


If you want to turn off live sharing for a moment without really stopping it, then turn off your internet or location. It won’t show you the current location the person you sent. Its basic but really a handy feature, if you want to stop sharing location for any reason instantly.

This is how you share live location in WhatsApp. If you want to add something, feel free to comment below.