Spider-Man 2018 game – breakdown of combat, story and more

The 2018 Spider-Man game is looking to be a superstar, we have some amazing gameplay demos that highlight some action-packed and fluid gameplay. The new game is also going to be more story-based compared to any of the previous triple-A Spider-Man games of the last two decades. Spider-Man promises to deliver a very high level of quality on held by some of the best games in the industry.

Spider-Man 2018 game

Spider-Man swings a punch and slings web like a real hero

All early access sources of the game show that the game has some top level fighting animation and combat mechanics. Each battle feels unique and special. With different fighting moves available to the player all executing flashy and movie-like scenes! The combat has a very realistic feel to it – not at all cartoon-like as one would expect. The game developers went with a more realistic aesthetic to really sell the game more as a movie than a cartoon world. This can be felt in the intense and quick paced combat.

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Fighting bad guys like never before

The most innovative addition to the new game is the attention the developers have given to the story of the game. The creators have made sure to deliver a believable and memorable experience. Most super hero games tend to put the story writing on the back-burner and only work on it as an after-thought. This in turn makes the games seem more like a cash grab using a popular franchise… Rather than adding something to the super-heroes world and create more loyal fans. If you want a good story then don’t worry. The developers have mentioned the importance and presence of the main-story being a very serious consideration in the new game.

Spider-Man 2018 game

The wide open world

One more thing that will excite Spider-Man fans is that the new game will have an open world! Sand-box type games that offer exploration and do not funnel the player into a linear experience are very fun. Plenty of side missions and fun optional activities will also be in the new game. If you want to take a break and just swing around and see the sights… Spider-Man 2018 will certainly let you do so! When discussing good Spider-Man games, Spider-Man 2 from 2004 certainly comes to mind. The 2004 game is legendary. Back in 2004, it broke records and set a whole new standard for innovation in the entire gaming industry.

The new Spider-Man 2018 is looking to learn from and improve upon that legendary game. If you remember the 2004 international hit and think of it with fond memories, then rest assured – you will enjoy Spider-Man 2018 as well!

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