Spooky Halloween games for everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner and if you still haven’t thrown a Halloween party, then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered – well at least we’ve got the games part of the evening covered!

This list of Halloween party games for adults and kids will make sure that your guests are talking about your Halloween party for years.

Most of these Halloween party games all use items that you already have laying around your house so you don’t have to spend any money on these Halloween games.

You will find games that range from wrapping someone up like a mummy to tossing spiders into a spider web across the room; these are some of the most fun Halloween party games out there:

1. Mummy Wrap

Supplies needed: Toilet Paper

Play: Have two team members work together to wrap up one of the team members like a mummy in toilet paper. Whoever is “the mummy” must be completely wrapped (other than face).

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Whoever does it the fastest and according to the rules, wins the game!

2. Fear Factor


  • Plates or Halloween cupcake wrappers
  • Gummy Brains
  • Peeled grapes
  • Other gross food
  • Blindfold

Play: Put out a plate of food that the team must eat without using their hands. If you’re doing an adult game, you can do things that might be tougher and grosser to eat (tofu, blue cheese, octopus, etc.) and for kids, a plate full of Halloween themed goodies (cup of dirt, gummy worms, gummy brains, peeled grapes for eyeballs, etc.).

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3. Pumpkin Bowling

Supplies needed:

  • Mini pumpkins– either real or plastic
  • Toilet paper
  • Black Sharpie markers

Play: Using either toilet paper with faces like ghosts or cans, have a pumpkin and “pins” setup.

Team member must bowl a strike before they can move on. After they bowl, they must reset the pins (recommend having x’s where pins go). If another team is also at the pumpkin bowling, they must take turns trying to bowl a strike.

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4. Themed Scavenger Hunt

Supplies needed:

  • Notepad with a list of things
  • Scavenger hunt items
  • A present of your choice

Play: If you’re looking to instantly bring fun and adventure to your party, look no further than a themed scavenger hunt. Once you’ve scattered themed items around your venue, divide guests into teams and provide them with the list of items they’ll need to find. Whichever team finishes first can then be treated to a nice present!

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5. Tarantula Toss


  • Plastic Spider
  • Halloween spider webs

Play: Spread spider webs (the white stretchy kind) in a space (doorway, corner of the room, etc.). Have players stand behind a line and toss little plastic spiders at the spider web until they can get three spiders stuck in the web.

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These easy and fun games are perfect for your Halloween Party! So hurry up and get your supplies!