8 Spotify tricks and hidden features you didn’t know about

Spotify has emerged as the world’s most popular music streaming service. Its vast library of music and a simple interface makes it a compelling choice for everyone even against its huge competitors like Apple Music and Tidal.

But! Even if you listen to Spotify every day, there are tons of features you may not know about. Whether you want to show off the songs you’re listening to, hide your listening activity completely, or get the most out of new additions like Discover Weekly. So we have compiled our favorite Spotify tricks and hidden features below.

Spotify tricks and hidden features to help you get the most out of the service:

Take your Spotify experience to the next level.

1. Preview a song via one touch

If you want a quick snippet of a song without committing to the full three minutes, you will love this feature. iOS users need to only press and hold on the song title for a preview, meaning you can check out other music without navigating away from the playlist you’re listening to. Comes in really handy when you want to multitask and get new music for your playlist but while listening to your favorite jam.

2. Let Discover Weekly learn your music taste

You’ve probably noticed the personalized Discover Playlist that appears every Monday with a fresh batch of tracks and your profile photo on it. It takes into account a number of factors: Other people’s playlists, picking up on the human trends of what’s being added elsewhere. Your own personal taste profile, which is built up over time and includes similar songs you haven’t listened to.

 So if you want to make sure your Discover Weekly playlists are more hit than miss, you can teach Spotify by adding songs to playlists, skipping songs you dislike and listening more to the artists you like.

3. Make a collaborative playlist

This is a pretty cool feature when you’ve got friends and family with an amazing taste in music and want to collaborate to make a masterpiece. On the desktop version of Spotify, right-click on a playlist and a pop-up window will offer a “Collaborative Playlist” option. Once a playlist is collaborative, any of your friends with access to that playlist can add or delete tracks. This can come in handy for parties and weddings where everybody can get their favorite song on the playlist.

4. Instantly Add Tracks to Spotify from Shazam for iPhone or Android

The Shazam app is great for identifying that funky fresh song playing way too loudly in the mall. It’s even better if you connect your Spotify account to Shazam. Once they’re synced up, and Shazam has identified the song you’re listening to, hit the tiny arrow next to the play button. You’ll see a drop-down menu with a Spotify option listed. When you start to play it in Spotify, you can then add it to your own library with just a few taps. Now isn’t that amazing and so convenient?

5. Use Search Modifiers

This Spotify trick is one of the best. Literally saves you from hours of searching through the internet for your favorite artist’s best hits. Very few bands and artists enjoy a full career of critically acclaimed hits, so if you only want to see music from a certain period or an artist’s career, just add a search modifier:

For example Britney Spears (1996-2004) (no spaces). Equally, it works for collaborations too. The NOT modifier will filter out any guests from an album or playlist, while the AND modifier will bring up any tracks featuring both artists. This is one my favorite feature from the list of Spotify tricks and hidden features I compiled.

6. Recover any deleted playlist

Don’t you just hate it when these butterfingers of yours accidentally end up deleting something that wasn’t meant to be deleted? Ugh. It’s the worst. Especially when you can’t recover it. But hey! This isn’t the case with Spotify! Yup, if you’ve ever made the mistake of deleting a favorite playlist, all is not lost. Just log on to the Spotify website, go to your profile page and you’ll see an option to Recover Playlists and there you go, you have your playlist back in no time!

7. Get your Karaoke on

We love a good karaoke session! Saturday nights are so much fun making a fool out of yourself singing to your favorite songs! Don’t have a karaoke set? Don’t worry! Spotify has you covered. On some tracks, you can just click ‘lyrics’ at the bottom of the app. And you have your own karaoke set up for everyone to enjoy. Also, a helpful hack if you just want to better appreciate the beauty of Kanye’s lyrics.

8. Add crossfades between songs

Spotify lets you stretch out your precious listening time to the max by getting rid of the silence between tracks. 

It’s easier than you think to build a seamless mix of music on Spotify and to add simple crossfades between songs. In Settings, scroll down to Playback and you can set the length of crossfade you’d like, up to 12 seconds.

Aren’t these Spotify tricks and hidden features cool?

With these hidden features, Spotify goes above and beyond the typical music streaming application in order to provide a wonderful listening experience.

What are your favorite Spotify tricks and hidden features from above? Feel free to comment below.