Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips on Getting Top Eliminations

Today I will be telling you Star Wars Battlefront 2 tips on getting top eliminations. Star Wars Battlefront 2 gathers locations and troops from across galaxies it is a big game so big that it includes prequels too. That isn’t our discussion for today, today we will be looking at tips on how you can get top eliminations on every match.

Here are some Star Wars Battlefront 2 tips for getting top eliminations in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 tips

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Upgrading Effectively in Star Wars Battlefront 2

This isn’t Mario where you will eat some Pumpkin and Grow. you have to make sure you gain the proper ranks. each of your classes starts out with a single star card slot. With which you can equip new abilities and combat styles. It is only when you get 5 star cars for a class that the second class opens up

Getting Star Cards Cheaper & Quicker in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Every time you open a crate, it grants you a bunch of rewards. You will randomly get a star card in a crate, you will also get credits and Crafting points. The key is to save up Crafting points and the using them to buy boost Star Cards for your class of Choice. This should make you more competitive in multiplayer, which gives your more credits. after that Upgrade Star Cards and get new ones from loot crates.

Getting the best Star Cards in Star Wars Battlefront 2

The best cards are the ones that build up the battle points quicker. Health boosts aren’t effective here, its all about the damage you give and the points you make.

Buffs for the Heavy Shield are worth taking and abilities that grant short range damage for scouts will balance your loadout well.

Hero Cards eh? Its anything that buffs your aggressive abilities

Tips on Hidden Controls in Starfighters in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Starfighters work in Battlefront 2 isn’t always obvious, and there are some killer tricks waiting to be used. You can look behind you to see who is chasing you, Just hold Left on the d-pad. Similarly, you can break missile locks by either putting debris between you and a missile.  You wait until the last second, and pull up while slowing to a near stop. The old Top Gun trick. You can also enter first-person mode by pressing down on the d-pad, but it’s more fiddly than playing in third-person. And if you’re into it, you can invert the Y-axis in settings too.

Tips on Aiming in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 doesn’t actually have too much aiming. Blasters are accurate over distance and have fairly generous hit-zones.  You don’t have to be that accurate to score hits on enemies, and while aiming offers more control for hitting distant targets. If you’re a first-person shooter regular it can feel a little counter-intuitive to hipfire, but Battlefront 2 does encourage it. As such, the Scout class often feels like the least effective, which is a good thing, as sniping can often ruin the idea of team play. Battlefront 2 just wants everyone to get stuck in.

Here were some of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 tips on getting top eliminations.

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