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Google Assistant secret features

Google Assistant – 5 secret features you need to know

After the release of the android phone, the Google Pixel, Google did a massive update to their voice activated assistant feature. The Google Assistant will let you do a lot of different things with...
Halloween last minute costume guide

Halloween last minute costume guide

Having problems coming up with a costume at the last minute? Want to put together something that will just really impress your friends? Well worry not! Because you’re going to find the perfect costume...
Cheap Halloween costumes

5 amazing Halloween costumes you can make from your home!

Halloween is coming soon, and if you don’t have the time and money to buy a costume for those Halloween parties or to go tricker-treating, don’t worry! Here are 5 Halloween costumes you can...
driving habits that damage your car

Top 10 bad habits that damage your car and drain your wallet

The importance of being vigilant When you’re driving your vehicle, you’re at a great responsibility, as it’s the matter of safety of the people around you and of course yours as well. None of us...
home remedies

Amazing home remedies in the kitchen

It's crazy how many useful ingredients the average home kitchen is carrying. You would be surprised to know about the benefits that home remedies made from them can have. They can even be used...
shower like a genius

How to take a shower like a genius

    Taking a shower might seem simple….but are you doing it correctly? Well, have you ever gotten the feeling that perhaps you could be showering better? Or do you ever feel like you are just taking too...