How to take a shower like a genius



Taking a shower might seem simple….but are you doing it correctly?

Well, have you ever gotten the feeling that perhaps you could be showering better?

Or do you ever feel like you are just taking too much time lost in your thoughts not being productive at all…

Showering is often times something we want to enjoy and something we just relax with.

But if you want to use your time efficiently and want to step-up your showering game then….read on.

Brushing…in the shower?

That’s right, something that will save you quite a lot of time, is taking your toothbrush and toothpaste straight with you into the shower. Honestly, just brushing your teeth doesn’t really require the use of a mirror and sink. Additionally, brushing is something we try to get done with as fast as possible. But brushing for longer periods of time also really helps keep your teeth healthier.

Why is this smart?

Well, it has to very much to do with time. Saving time and using time well. You see, while you are just getting yourself wet… Having a toothbrush in your mouth and occasionally continuing brushing gives more time for the toothpaste to do its work.

One of the worst things you can do is simply apply toothpaste, brush for a few seconds and spit it out. Let the toothpaste sit in your mouth. Let it do its work and get rid of those decay-causing bacteria.

Lather rinse and…what?

It’s not just toothpaste that you want to let sit for a while and do its magic. There are other things that you want to let sit as well. I’m talking about the soap of shower gel that you use. Similar to the previous example, often time’s people just soap themselves up and wash it out right after. This is not a good idea as letting itself sit for a bit longer and really get the dirt out of your skin, is very beneficial. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? Dirt stuck in skin?

I must be crazy…But just a few simple google searches and you will find my words to be true. Soap acts as a good cleansing agent, but letting it sit for a little bit on your skin is vital. It needs to seep and react with your skin. Only then will you be truly clean.

shower like a genius


The best way to use your time with this new find knowledge of letting these cleansing agents sit for a bit before washing them of is… Soap, then shampoo. Then while you wash away the soap from your body, let your shampoo’d hair sit for a bit. Then wash the shampoo out of your hair.

Just making sure you are doing things efficiently and lowering downtime, will make a big difference. Additionally you will be cleaner and get a better effect from your products following these simple tips.