The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

We’re rounding up the best celebrity Halloween costumes for all your dress-up inspiration. Whatever your style may be; sultry, spooky or silly; Halloween is the one time of the year it’s okay to reveal that wild, alter ego usually kept under wraps. And our celebrities make the best of it. Because let’s get real, there is nothing better than seeing celebrities dress up like other celebrities or even our most favorite spooky characters!
Scroll down to see our favorite A-list Halloween costume ideas from over the years:

1Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban – As Cher & Sonny

Photo via Getty Images

Kim and Jonathan totally nailed this costume! The iconic look of Cher and Sonny. She channeled the ‘70s-era starlit like a champ, baring her chiseled abs with glee next to her long-time bestie.

2Kendall Jenner as Powerpuff girl

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Kendall dressed up as the strongest Powerpuff girl, Buttercup. She rocked that impeccable bob cut and the green metallic. Giving us all the feels!

3Cardi B – as a modern-day Cruella de Vil

Photo via Getty Images

Our favorite rapper and pop queen came out as a modern-day Cruella de Vil, absolutely slaying the faux fur coat and the hot pink glove. We are totally digging this luxurious ensemble!

4Joe Keery – as the boy who lived (Harry Potter)

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The Stranger Things star Joe Keery melted all hearts with this Halloween look. His good looks and every girl’s heartthrob Harry Potter were the perfect combinations. Bonus points for that scar!

5Lady Gaga – as Edward Scissor hands


The queen of music recreated this iconic Johnny Depp look; our favorite spooky childhood character. Her accessories were on point; those scissor hands look as deadly as her expressions!

6Demi Lovato – as Selena

The sultry Demi dressed up as the Queen of Tejano music, Selena. There’s nobody else who could rock this look better than Demi! The stunning sequin dress was a fashion statement made by Selena back in the 80’s. Demi looks beautiful and the resemblance is uncanny!

7Karlie Kloss – as Marilyn Monroe

Photo via Getty Images

How could we not include the gorgeous Karlie Kloss dressed up as the most beautiful woman in the world; Marilyn Monroe! That iconic white flowy dress and the classic red lip duo! Karlie got everything on point, even the pose!

8Gigi Hadid – as Sandy from Grease

Photo via Getty Images

Gigi, chic as always! The metallic black pants are the perfect excuse to flaunt those attractive legs! The off-shoulder top and the blonde perm takes us straight back to Grease memories! Is it Sandy or Gigi, hard to tell!

9Rita Ora – as Barbie

Photo via Getty Images

Real life Barbie doll, isn’t she? Rita Ora made every little girl’s childhood dream come true; seeing our Barbie doll come to life so beautifully, left us all in awe. We are amused by the hot pink outfit from head to toe! 1000 cute points for the adorable puppy!

10Katy Perry – as a Cheeto

Photo via Getty Images

Yes, we have all thought about living life as our favorite snack, but Katy Perry actually went through with it and it was everything we could ever imagine! The costume looked so real it made us hungry for some hot Cheetos!

Check out their wildest, scariest and wackiest costumes and find your inspiration for this Halloween! And let us know what will you be dressing up as?