The End Is Nigh review

The End Is Nigh review

What is The End Is Nigh?

You can find The End Is Nigh on Steam. The game is priced at $15 USD, whether the game is worth it’s price tag or not, you’ll find out by the end of this The End Is Nigh review. The game is a 2D adventure platforming game. This sort of game contains lots of jumping and maneuvering elements in which you will have to rely on precision, patience and timing to get across all sorts of obstacles. Moving platforms, crumbling buildings, and enemies moving erratically. These are all things you’ll encounter in the first few minutes of the game. The adventure aspect of the game is also well executed. There are lots of hidden and secret areas that hide treasure. These are placed in large numbers across all levels of the game.

Don’t let the 2D part of the game fool you into thinking that The End Is Nigh is not a good looking game. Visually speaking, The End Is Nigh has a stunning art style and the smooth motion of every element on your screen will leave you speechless.

The End Is Nigh lets you take control of Ash, a black blob type on a mission to find body parts and put them together to make a new “best friend”. You will flop your way through a decayed and broken future. The world has ended, and all that’s left is a broken husk filled with mutant-like creatures and desolate areas. You will find pieces of “blob people” throughout your journey which will total up to a brand new “friend” for you. On your journeys you will also find tumors, a type of currency that unlocks more areas, and also game cartridges. These let you play additional levels.

Who made this game?

The End Is Nigh actually has a cult-hit superstar developer. Edward McMillen is the developer of this game and if you’re not familiar with his previous work, you’re missing out. Back in 2010, Edward McMillen worked alongside Team Meat, to make the game known as Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is considered by many hard-core platforming game fans as the god of all platformers. It’s known for being a very challenging game. The type of game that contains the same sort of platforming difficulty more famous in the games of the early 2000’s.

Since game developers across the world have been steadily lowering the difficulty of their games to be friendlier for casuals, true gamers LOVE Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy’s three biggest strengths are; it’s amazing art style and graphics, the extremely optimized and amazing handling of the controls, and finally it’s balance between being challenging without being annoying. Even though you die a lot, it’s not AS frustrating as dying in other games.

Why am I talking about Super Meat Boy in a The End Is Nigh review? Well it’s because The End Is Nigh is actually considered by many to be the direct successor of Super Meat Boy. Since both games are 2D platforms in the critically acclaimed art style of Edward McMillen. Also, both have similarly amazing and easy to use controls. But a good question to ask would be… Does this game improve upon the original?


The End Is Nigh has a few things that it does really well in particular. It sets the tone for the game and story very early on, and if you like what you see from just the first few minutes of the game, you’ll be hooked. Also the amazing music and unique art style certainly elevate the game to a higher level. The jumping puzzles in the game are also very well done. While definitely on the difficult side, the levels will reward you with a rush of excitement after you finally beat them.

The End Is Nigh review

The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. Get from one side of the screen to the next, and continue onwards. You can also back-track at any time. Back-tracking is actually used as a game mechanic in The End Is Nigh. Often times you will find the game’s currency (tumors) in difficult to reach spots that become easier to get when approaching the level from the other side after you clear it.

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There are additional mechanics to the game that are introduced one after another at a reasonable pace. These are; falling buildings, different enemy types, swimmable water, acidic water that you can only stay in for a short period of time, poisonous gas, and air vents. All these elements stop the game from getting repetitive and keep things fun and interesting.

The End Is Nigh review

The biggest strength of the game is definitely it’s… Atmosphere. With the music, art style and storytelling elements, the game immerses you into it’s world very quickly and this engages the player on a level that every game should. You feel invested in that little blob guy on your screen and his quest to put together his new best friend.


Although the game has many positive points, there are also some negative ones. One of them being how some of the levels don’t feel very fair, and the hard difficulty of the game is sometimes over the top. Making a game challenging and fun at the same time is no easy task. And sometimes, The End Is Nigh does indeed compromise on fun and becomes too challenging. This is somewhat forgivable though, because these moments do not happen too often.

Additionally, if you consider The End Is Nigh as a direct successor to Edward McMillen’s Super Meat Boy, then….The game doesn’t make any revolutionizing improvements. The world and level system of The End Is Nigh work better, and you can argue that the story telling aspect and art style are also better. But no major changes have been added to the already successful platforming formula of Edward McMillen. The End Is Nigh really is just a sequel with some stylistic changes and small improvements.

Should I buy this game?

The $15USD price does seem very fair. The quality and quantity of the content that The End Is Nigh gives you is very nice for the price. So if you want something challenging, something that’s going to really pull you into its world, than this game is for you. 

If you’re someone who plays games more casually however, you should reconsider. People that get frustrated easily and don’t have much time to invest should probably pass on this game.   

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The End Is Nigh
The End Is Nigh
Developer: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel
Price: 14,99 €