The End Is Nigh tips that will help you beat the game

the end is nigh tips

The End Is Nigh is a game recently released for PC and has a bunch of interesting mechanics and features to it that really lets you explore the awesome plat-former. It is available on steam and if you want to check out our review for the game then click the link hereYou will find some helpful tips to beating this game and finally getting Ash, your cute little black blob, to finish making his friend.

the end is nigh tips

Watch your back

You might want to start gathering those tumors that are placed in all sorts of difficult to reach locations, but well….That’s easier said than done right? Those tumors unlock levels later on, and are important to be mindful of. One way you might be able to access those tumors more easily, is to back-track. That’s right, approaching the same level form the other side, might help you think of ways to capture those pesky tumors. And hopefully, you will find all those cute little black things with ease.

Eyes wide open

Always be on the look-out. There are hidden levels hiding in the corners of quite a few level. Don’t always just tunnel-vision on the exit and cross a level. Look at all the edges and you might find some secrets… Additionally, after the first stage, pushing against certain walls unlocks secret entrances. These secret little places will often reward you 5 extra tumors, so always be vigilant!

the end is nigh tips

Hop control

The controls for The End Is Night are a lot smarter than you think. One of the most important and somewhat obscure skill that you can learn is….Jump control. I know, sounds silly doesn’t it? But don’t be fooled! You can control very precisely how high your jump is by holding the jump button down. Yet it’s controlling how small your jump is that begins becoming more important later one. You will need to fit through tiny, tiny spaces with deadly spikes on all sides. To manage these precise maneuvers, will require you getting good with your jumping.

Lock in your tumors

One of the most important thing to remember, is that you can lock-in your tumors. After you obtain a difficult to reach tumor, assess the situation and determine… Is it easier to go back to the previous level, or to continue? You see, after you swap from your current level, to the next, including backtracking, you will lock-in your tumor and not have to risk dying and resetting the tumor. Often times after getting those tough tumors, it’s a good idea to just walk back to the previous level and then walk back to the current one. This will save you a lot of headache!

the end is nigh tips

Hopefully with these tips you will find the game more fun and less frustrating. The End Is Nigh is actually a difficult game that is very challenging, and with these tips you will definitely better equipped to beating it.