The Evil Within 2 Fixes – Crashes, Bad Performance, lag, and Audio Problems

The Evil Within 2 has launched for PC Xbox and PS4 but a lot of the players are going crazy about it. One reason for going crazy is the amount of bugs, errors and issues being faced by different people. Know everything about The Evil Within 2 fixes from below.

The Evil Within 2 is a sequel to 2014’s Evil Within. The game has been developed using Stem Engine, which is a laboriously modified version of id Tech. The Evil Within 2 generally has better performance compared to the first. Still there are some issues that PC users are experiencing and we will discuss them all here. Read above to get to know all about “The Evil Within 2 fixes”. I hope it will help you out.

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The Evil Within 2 Fixes
The Evil Within 2 Fixes – Crashes, Bad Performance, lag, and Audio Problems

Here are some of The Evil Within 2 Fixes

The controller not working in The Evil Within 2

One of the problems that gamers are facing while playing The Evil Within 2 is that the controller attached to the PC is not working be it an Xbox controller or a Sony PS4 controller, I tried this myself the fix is to turn on the controller before turning on the game.

Bad performance/ Lagging/ Low FPS in The Evil Within 2

The issue of lagging has become too common for PC games as every other game launches for PC has bad performance. The players of The Evil Within 2 players are also experiencing Lagging and bad performance.

The reason you might be experiencing the Low FPS is that your computer might not be up to par with The Evil Within 2’s recommended settings and yes they are HIGH

Another thing you can do is update your GPU drivers to the latest version it will also help in stopping the Lag and the bad performance. For Nvidia the Game ready driver for AMD catalyst drivers.

G sync not working in The Evil Within 2

G sync monitors just makes sure all your games are running smooth with no tearing at the monitor refresh rate if your gpu can drive it. Tearing of the graphics on the screen is when one or more frame overlaps each other!

Some players have the issue that G-sync is not synchronized with The Evil Within 2, the fix is that you can either go into the settings of the Evil Within and in the options, enable G sync for both windowed and Full Screen mode and restart the game.

You can also open the Nvidia control panel go down to the Manage 3D Settings, Application Settings and Select Evil Within 2 and from here you can enable G-sync for both Full Screen and Windowed mode. If you have other problems, read all The Evil Within 2 fixes ahead.

Audio Dysfunction during Cutscenes of The Evil Within 2

In order to fix this error, go to playback devices by right clicking the audio icon in the bottom right corner. Then select the audio device that is enabled, (Speakers or Headphones) and open properties. Go to Advanced tab and set the audio quality to 24-bit 96000Hz (Studio Quality) which should resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t help you can also disable all the enhancements, replacing Realtek Audio with Windows Generic Audio and Disabling Dolby Digital Plus.

Problems Downloading The Evil Within 2

You can always Check your internet connection, and connecting the ethernet cable also helps because then the data is directly coming into your desktop or laptop rather than over the air.

You can also check whether the drive you are downloading to has some free space, because The Evil Within 2 is 60 GB so the file will stop downloading if it finds that there is no more space left to download.

Takes a While to unpack The Evil Within 2

I recently found a hack on how to unpack the game quickly. It’s a very measly trick but saves a lot of time just unpack your data in a drive where your SSD is and the unpacking time decreases by half and then just move your files into your HDD and install.

Long Load times in The Evil Within 2

Another error of The Evil Within 2 errors that players have been experiencing. The solution for this issue is quite simple. Open up task manager and look for any program using your HDD drive too much and end the program. It will resolve the issue.

Missing .dll Files in the Evil Within 2

This is an issue that frequently pops up for PC users. This issue might arise because your Visual C++ Redistributable is not up-to-date. Just install the visual C++ Redistributable for visual studio 2017. It will automatically update the file or will put it in your system if it is missing. If the issue still persists, then try to update your Windows to latest drivers. You could also download a software called Dll Repair which would repair and fix all missing Dll’s

These are all The Evil Within 2 fixes. If these fixes helped you in The Evil Within 2, then give us a thumbs-up.