The Last of Us Part II will change the gaming world

Some games are released and gather many fans quickly. They add something interesting to the market and give people some enjoyment and a few days of fun. Then there are games like The Last of Us. Games that innovate and shock the gaming world. They provide such an amazing experience, that players around the globe are left numb and shaken…. at how amazing the game was! According to early footage and a few other factors… The Last of Us Part II is looking to be a game like this. Read ahead to find out whats in store in the next industry changing game…

The genius behind The Last of Us Part II

The game studio behind the critically acclaimed ‘The Last of Us’ series is ‘Naughty Dog’ studios. These guys ares veterans at making internationally successful games. The Crash Bandicoot series and the Uncharted series are just a few of their other gaming franchises that have gained millions loyal fans.

The Last of Us Part II

The first The Last of Us game had groundbreaking storytelling and a huge sprawling apocalyptic city world filled with terrifying zombie encounters as well as intense shoot-outs. It seems as if the studio is pushing the next game even further, with a groundbreaking combat system that is incredibly fluid and well animated that it feels like a movie! The story telling that we’ve come to expect will also naturally be top notch!

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An immersive world

The attention to detail has really separated this game with others like it in the market. The Last of Us Part II has an extremely detailed and immersive world. Small props, realistic textures, proper physics and environment interactions… These are just a few things that the game developers have managed to be better at than any other game! You can expect top of the line graphics and an extremely believable and fun world. The studio used face recognition and recreation technology to act out all the characters. This is as real as it gets! Have you ever thought to yourself…. “I wonder what a world with zombies is like?” Well, look no further! The Last of Us Part II will be able to satisfy all your zombie apocalypse needs.

The Last of Us Part II

A gripping story

The Last of Us Part II will story will focus around the revenge of Ellie, previously a child that tagged along with the main character Joel fro the first game. Now the focus will be more on Ellie as a grown-up, who seeks to carry out revenge against the factions that were responsible of the deaths of people Ellie cared about. The Last of Us Part II will be a lot more character driven than the first game, so expect some gripping and emotional scenes!

The Last of Us Part II has all the makings of a fantastic game, unreal graphics and fluid animations, a great story, an amazing world, extremely fun combat and game systems… What more could a gamer ask for!