Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

Finally there’s a better way to gain followers on Snapchat. The app refuses to tell you who to watch. There are no suggested user lists, no leaderboards, no little buttons everywhere begging you to add someone new. You’ve had to go out and find your own people to follow. Find out more about Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

We bring to you Tips on Getting Famous on SnapChat

Snapchat is evolving into one of the more popular social media nowadays, as prevalent as Instagram and Twitter! But it’s still a bit tricky to figure out how to become a worldwide phenomenon on this social media outlet. Especially because it’s mostly a private social media in which the username, phone number. Snapcode has to be revealed in order for someone to see your snaps. Keep Reading Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

1. Interaction

The beauty of social media that makes it so prevalent and popular today. It is the fact that it thins the line that kept fans away from their idols for so long. Nowadays, instead of putting famous people on pedestals, fans can interact with them like they’re friends through social media. Fans feel a lot closer and the relationship becomes a sort of camaraderie–and by famous people, it really can be anyone nowadays. It’s not just the glamorous movie stars or divalicious pop artists, it’s someone who knows how to make their fans feel like friends through the use of different social media. So if you want to become famous on Snapchat, you have to abide by this unspoken rule of interacting with your fans on the outlet! Talk to them through your Snaps, ask questions, take requests, and just keep the communication flowing both ways instead of just one!

Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

2.Having Fun

If Instagram is for artsy pictures that epitomize #toodeepcantgetout or your gluttonous diary of everything you eat in your lifetime, Snapchat is for the fun and quirky people to embrace and show their crazy side! Whether you’re a loud and proud extrovert living out the meaning of the (now dead but still relevant) YOLO concept or a self-titled dork whose confidence shows in sharp wit, you have to cater to the audience of Snapchat like you’d cater to the audience of any other social media. Meaning, be fun! Be laid-back and lighthearted, not taking yourself seriously. It’s a place where even celebs show their silly sides, which their fans love to see. Update people on your lives in a much more flexible format, sharing snippets of the brightest moments of your days that capture the brightest parts of your personality, and then people will be hooked!

Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

3. Sharing on Other Social Media

Lots of people who are famous on Snapchat don’t just stick to Snapchat. Actually, no famous person on the internet now adheres to only one means of communication, even if their main outlet might be YouTube or Twitter–they join every platform. Whether you’re starting out or you’re well on your way to gathering a following, you need to use other media outlets like Instagram or Twitter to reach out to every demographic there is to grab in your snaptastic clutches! Get your Snapchat ID out there! 

Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

4. Make sure you are getting ScreenShotted

Spreading the word that your Snapchat is a must-follow is easier when the content is so good, people are doing the work of sharing it for you. Meaning, you want people to take screenshots of your Snaps or even re-upload your videos online. So that your content is spread even more and even faster for others to see. This means 1) your content is so good it’s worth sharing, and 2) more people will see it because it’s being shared by your whole team of instant promoters, aka your Snap friends. This is a great way to be noticed so make sure that your content works well for the internet, that it’s something people absolutely have to share online or with their friends! So put some thought into things you upload instead of taking a picture of that plant right there.

Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

5. Do some Videos While you are at it

After all, if pictures speak a thousand words, how many more words would a video speak? It’s time to grab the spotlight and shine it right on your personality. Whether you’re just giving a cute and playful wink at the camera or saying something hilariously witty that will have your friends doubled over, clutching their stomaches. Do videos that work for you, that show off your unique yet lovable personality. If you’re sunny and bright, then show that through a radiant smile in video form. People just love seeing things in action, so take advantage of that feature on Snap! You can get even more creative by doing projects like a video series or real-time vlogging.

Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

6. Don’t Over Snap or Under Snap

It’s good to be active so people know they can rely on you to brighten up their day or entertain them with your Snaps, but if you are just too active, it won’t take long for people to get tired of you. Try to space out your Snaps and do only a handful a day, keeping friends wanting more. If you do want to upload more, make sure each one is a bit different and definitely interesting to keep their attention peaked.

7. Make Sure Other people are in your Snap Stories

 If you have say 1,000 friends and another person has 1,000 friends. Then when the two of you come together for a project or a simple Snap together, you’re catering to a crowd of basically 2,000 friends! That’s double the amount you have. When you work together with somebody else, you are helping each other out by bringing more attention to each other, especially if you target a similar demographic. If you’re funny, work with someone else who’s funny. If you’re artistic, work with someone else who’s artistic. Once in a while, mix it up! Collaborate with as many other Snapchat users as you can because it’ll expand the number of people you can reach out to.

Some Tips of getting famous on SnapChat

8. Make more Friends

There’s no way to passively promote yourself by flooding content with hash tags that people can look up. You really have to put yourself out there and promote. Sure you can do it on other social media that does use hash tags, but why limit yourself to that? (the icon that is unique to you and others can scan to add you immediately). So whenever you meet new people, make sure to share your Snapcode or phone number–just put yourself out there! The more people who add you this way, the more people there will be to share your content with others. Mingle and network your butt off!