Top 10 bad habits that damage your car and drain your wallet

The importance of being vigilant

When you’re driving your vehicle, you’re at a great responsibility, as it’s the matter of safety of the people around you and of course yours as well. None of us leave our houses with the intention to harm or kill someone. All we need is some attention towards distracted driving since you’re important… and yes! Your life really is precious. 

As long as we own a car, we are in the process of developing driving habits. As the time passes by, it becomes more difficult to break bad ones as you become more experienced.

We all are addicted to some wrong driving habits, we don’t even realize that these habits are not good and the consequences can be dire. It’s not just dangerous for life safety but it can also cost you a lot of money. When you’re driving recklessly, you can wreck your car! and well… that will ultimately drain your wallet.

Everyone loves cars, right guys?

What’s more important to us than our cars? We know how it’s important to keep an eye on the routine maintenance tasks of our car, like regular oil changing, checking tire rotations and changing seat-belt. All this to keep the car in a reliable condition. But you need to keep this in mind guys! The way you drive your car on daily basis also has a significant impact on the durability of your car.

Who wants to be out of money?

Of course no one… right? Well! Yes because we all want to keep our money safe.

So from now you need to pay attention to your driving behavior. Here is the is the list of top 10 wrong driving habit, read them guys to arm yourself for safer driving.

1. Fail to use indicators

We usually forget to use the indicators, forgetting that people can suffer from the negligence of not alerting nearby drivers of what lane you are switching too . We don’t pay attention towards pedestrians, there are many times when they have hesitated because the car isn’t indicating. Have you ever thought how many times they have waited to cross the road because they don’t know whether it’s safe or not to cross the road?

driving habits that damage your car

So guys don’t ever forget to turn on the blinkers, let other road users be aware of what you’re doing. Apart from the matter of good manners; it’s also significant for road safety to use indicators.

2. Keeping your hand on the gear lever

Yes guys! Don’t keep your hand on the gear lever. The habit of resting our hand on the gear knob can cause unnecessary issues. You need to keep your both hands on the steering wheel as much as possible.

Another harmful effect is that resting your hand on the gear stick can knock the car out of gear. Yes, This can also happen accidentally. The pressure  on the gear is low but it’s constant, and this can cause the car to go out of control by displacing synchronizes. This in turn cause issues with changing gears.

driving habits that damage your car

So try to practice handling the steering wheel with both hands, instead of keeping your hands on the gear stick.

3. Eating and drinking while behind the wheels

Compared to the other distracted driving habits, this one seems to be the most tamed one. Eating or drinking while driving is one of the most common cause of distracted driving. This act of distracted driving has a serious safety issues and it’s essential to understand the dangers associated with it. Visual and manual distractions while eating and drinking put the driver, passenger and pedestrians at great risk. 

Is eating while driving worth endangering yourself and others? No right? So try to avoid consuming food while driving guys, lets save ourselves and others from injuries and fatal car crashes

4. Running your car on empty or low fuel tank

Driving around in your car with the low fuel light on, we know we shouldn’t do it but we let it happen often. Not filling up the tank until it’s almost empty can cost a lot more than you think. Running your car on low fuel tank damages the catalytic converter, which then requires repair or replacement. In addition, the gas acts as a coolant for car’s electric fuel-pump motor, this pump can suck in air if your car runs out of fuel. This results in a phenomena that creates heat and causes failure of the fuel-pump motor. Moreover, the dirt and sediments at the bottom of the fuel tank can also block the fuel filter.

So guys what do you think now? How much the repair would cost? Maybe a couple hundred dollar? Well… the cost you pay to refuel the tank is surely much less than that.

5. Avoiding the use of handbrake while parking

If you’re not using the handbrake when you park your car, you’re doing it all wrong. Yes! You need to use the parking brake or handbrake each time you park your car, even if your car is automatic. It’s an essential component of the car’s safety system and it must be used on a regular basis. When you leave manual transmission in gear, it doesn’t work to lock the car in place. It can still roll away if the car is hit in case of any accident. Moreover, if it’s not used on regular basis, the cables located under the car can crumble. This can become a major issue because the cables can get stuck in place and get snapped, so you won’t be able to use them.

But don’t forget to unlock the handbrake right before driving, otherwise the entire braking system will can get damaged.  

6. Ignoring unusual car noises

Unusual car noises shouldn’t be ignored, they are often a clue that something is wrong with your vehicle. Many of us tends to ignore these signs, signs that indicates a malfunction in your vehicle. However, noises are a part of an operating vehicle, but some of the sounds like banging, thumping, squealing and clicking sounds are not so normal. Pay attention to such noises guys, if you suddenly start experiencing them each day while driving your car.

So try to diagnose the problem at the right time, a little delay can worsen the situation and you might have to go through a more expensive repair.

7. Using high revs for a cold engine

Most modern engines don’t need the necessity of warming up. However, it’s a good idea to idle the engine for few minutes soon after a cold start, as it helps the engine to warm up and induce the circulation of oil through system. But you should avoid the use of high revs when the engine is cold. It can damage the components of your car due to sudden temperate changes.

Keep this thing in your mind guys, the engine shouldn’t be run at more than 2,000 revs, until the operating temperature is indicated on gauge.

8. Dragging the brakes while driving downhill

It’s not necessary to keep your foot on brake pedal, as you should instead be ready to brake at any moment while driving downhill. Yes it feels daunting, so you’re ready to slow down your car at any moment, without realizing that it’s damaging the braking system of the car. This leads to the overheating of braking system and results in the wearing out of the brake discs and pads.

The accurate thing to do is to shift your car in lower gear to initiate engine braking, it’ll helps to slow down your car. 

Tailgating while driving

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous driving habit and it’s the biggest cause of many auto accidents. When you’re driving closely to other vehicle you’re at a greater risk of rear-end collision. Whether it’s reckless driving, aggressiveness or road rage, the consequences are often dangerous as it might result in major car accidents.

Try to keep your car at a safe distance from other vehicles and find a safe way to avoid being tailgated. In case you’re in rush and the other car is driving slowly, don’t try to tailgate the vehicle to make your way, instead look for a safe way to pass.

10. Using the cell phone

Last but not the least, unfortunately we’re so addicted to this habit… Using the cell phone even while driving. You’re most likely to wreck your car, when distracted by a cell phone. No doubt, the use of cell phone diverts your attention and it’s dangerous. It seems to be so simple yet it can be so deadly. It’s even illegal in some countries, to use your cell phone while driving.


So don’t start text messaging, and avoid responding to incoming calls while driving.

So I hope this article has helped you to figure out the bad driving habits you might have. Habits that you might not even think to be all that risky. Stay safe! And yes of course… keep your car and others safe as well guys!