Top 3 hardest video game bosses

Hard bosses

We all love to play video games! But do you know, that some games just have crazy hard bosses! Here you will find the top 3 hardest bosses in video game history. When these bosses were first discovered, players all around the world cried out in frustration! They were so powerful and difficult to fight against that the gaming community collectively agreed… These boss fights are just too hard!

Some people play video games just for boss fights! They care not for things like story or experience. All they want is the thrill of battle against a tough opponent, yet sometimes the enemy is just too tough!

So without further delay, here is a list of the top 3 hardest bosses in video gaming history

Ornstein and Smough – Darksouls 1

top 3 hardest bosses

This boss is not just one boss but two! A big fatty and an an agile dragon slaying badass… Fight against you together! The darksouls franchise is known for being extremely tough and unforgiving! Yet this duo of bosses that you fight together just by yourself is considered the most frustrating and tough experience the game has to offer. In an abandoned city of giants, after hours and hours of difficult adventuring the final boss of the zone is actually…. These two annoying guys!

Usually when games make you face off against two opponents at the same time there is a gimmick, like reduced health of such but not in this fight! Both Ornstein and smough are equally difficult. Hard enough to be bosses just by themselves if they were presented earlier in the game. Yet what makes this fight go down as legendary is the fact that… after you kill one of the two, the other absorbs the dead body and gets even stronger! Not only that, he also heals back to full…. Geez, that’s just too unfair!

Only the most determined of people can slog through and somehow kill these two after hours and hours of banging their heads against a wall….

Kel’thuzad – World of Warcraft


People might have heard of this game, it’s a MMO that is known as the world’s most popular MMO. The main end goals of this game is getting in a big guild with your friends and facing off against bosses in gigantic dungeons known as raids. In the games infancy, back in 2006. World of Warcraft was a game much different from now. Back then, the game developers made the game extremely harsh. Getting to max level often took people months, or even a whole year! After getting to max level, the difficult shot up to the extreme. Dungeons and raids that has the best equipment, had brutal and difficult fights.

Naxxramas was the final raid to appear in the expansion. In this raid… is Kel’thuzad, the final boss. Naxxramas was a raid that actually disappeared from the game in roughly a year after its release. Because after this raid, came the new expansion of the game called Burning crusade. Naxxramas was a giant floating island ship. This raid disappeared after the arrival of the next expansion. So how many people were able to clear the raid and kill Ke’thuzad? Well the truth is… Only and extremely few number of people.

Why was this boss so hard? Well, the boss itself was difficult enough, but what truly made this boss so hard was what you had to accomplish to get to him. You needed 40 other people who had put months and months of hard work into the game, who played well and coordinated with others, you had to be the best guild on your server so you could poach good players. The worst of all… You had little to no information. Back then, it was hard to find out how to defeat each boss, and required a lot of trial and error. Even then, when you finally got to Kelthuzad… He was one of the hardest bosses in the game to ever exist.

Orphan of Kos – Bloodbourne

This boss is the final boss of the game Bloodbourne. To get to him, you must defeat countless bosses before him and also buy the DLC additional content pack. The reason why this boss is hard is well… Because he is hard. He has an insane attacking speed, one that will test your reactions to the brink and also a wide variety of different attacks. This boss is very hard to learn, and deciphering what sort of attack he will do is equally very difficult. Dodging to the left instead of the right or even dodging away instead of towards, might cause a death.

Some of his attacks even mimic the start-up animation of other attacks, which is extremely deadly. Why? Because these other attacks will catch you if you make a dodge based on the information regarding a different type of attack!


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