Top 5 new features in the No Man’s Sky Next update

The No Man’s Sky Next update has been released and along side it new and returning players are asking themselves… Is it worth playing? If you want to find out the answer to this question and learn about some of the new upcoming features then read on!

 Play with your friends

The most impactful new feature that comes with the Man’s Sky Next update is the fact that you can now play with your friends! You will be able to team up with 3 other players and explore, collect and mine your way to having some fun. Explore the outlandish planets and fun world of No Man’s Sky with your crew!

No Man's Sky Next update

Build a base anywhere, anyhow

Another huge improvement to the game is that now you have alot more options regarding bases. Firstly, now you can build a base on any planet and have them co-exist with older and other bases that you have built! The bases are also shared with friends that play alongside you. Another big addition to bases is that the customization options and items / features regarding them have also been greatly increased.

Huge ships

Now you will also be able to command HUGE ships! You will be able to send a fleet of ships to go do some exploring. And also you can command them to check out a specific system. This is a big and welcome change that adds a little bit of passive gain to the game. Other popular games love having this sort of mission system and now No Man’s Sky does too.

Third-person mode

You can now also play in Third-person mode! If first person and a smaller field of view bothers you… Don’t worry, cause now you will be able to play the game and look at your character! Cool equipment, task animations and many more things will make third-person mode give you a whole new experience!

New looks in No Man’s Sky

The new No Man’s Sky Next update also offers a lot of other things such as an updated character model. You are now a full fledged character with race customization options and more! Another big change is the graphical overhaul, textures, water affects and much more as also added to the game making it feel alot more fun to play and pretty to look at!

With all these additions to No Man’s Sky, it is surely a game that is worth revisiting despite it’s early poor reception. If you wanted to give this game a try, the time is now!