Tips to Train Yourself to Wake Up Early Every Morning

Waking up early morning, it has always been a long-life struggle for me. We know that how difficult it’s to wake up early every morning. It’s frustrating to get up from your cozy bed, isn’t it?

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Waking up early every morning for school was always a torture for me and as I got older, the things got worse. This thing applies to everyone, I guess. All of us are now got into the habit of sleep procrastination, staying late at night, watching movies, spending time on social media or for reading book. I usually stay up late at night to write articles and the consequences are obvious, I’m always late for my university. As the time is passing by, I’m getting more drained, day by day. Now I think like I’m anything other than a morning person.

So, I decided to be a morning person, at least I can try and started searching for the tips to train myself to wake up early every morning. I get to know that it requires more than just setting alarm every morning and hoping for the best.

You must be aware of the fact that all of the productive people and successful entrepreneurs are morning zombies. I used to think that are they crazy or insane? How do they manage to wake up early every morning? How is this even possible for them? And I literally found myself unable to do that. But once I started searching about the morning rituals of productive people, I understood that how beneficial it’s for us to wake up early every morning.

So now I added up this goal in the list of my resolutions for 2018, to wake up early every morning. I’m so determined to do so and you too need to do so. Yes! I admit it’s not easy to unfollow this bad habit, just keep this in your mind that this bad habit is stopping us every day to be more productive.

But think again, it’s difficult but not impossible. Everything I searched to wake up early every morning, it all sums up in the conclusion that we just need a rescheduling of our routines. You must set some strict rules to follow in making your routine better. Of course, staying stick to them and being determined is the key for the success. Don’t let productivity and success to slip through your hands.

It’s not over until I win! – Les Brown

So, guys! Here I’m writing 4 tips to train yourself to wake up early every morning. I’ve read a lot of tips and ways, but I found the following 4 rituals necessary. Your mornings would never be product unless you set them up for you.

1. Switch off all the electronic devices before bed time

If you’re like me, your phone must be the first thing you look at when you wake up and the last thing you look at before bed time. Studies suggest that being exposed to blue and white light coming from the electronic devices prevents our body to release melatonin, the sleep hormone. So, the first step to get a good night sleep, to wake you up early in the morning, is to stop letting all your electronic devices to eat up your sleep. So, switch off the television and all the other electronic devices 30 minutes before going to sleep.

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2. Wake up one minute earlier each day

The next step is to train yourself to wake up one minute earlier each day. Trust me the idea is a game changer. Set your alarm one minute earlier each day because your body need time to adjust. It’d be difficult for you to wake up 15 or 20 minutes earlier all at once and you’ll never stop hitting that snooze button. So, make it slow, train yourself to wake up one minute earlier each day. For example, if you’re current wake up time is 6:00 AM and your goal is to wake up at 5:00 AM, set alarm for 5:59 AM, the next day for 5:58 AM and so on. In a month you’ll wake up 30 minutes earlier and it’s so easy that you can’t say no.

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3. Manipulate the environment around you

The environment around you do influence you sleep time. For a better sleep, manipulate the environment around you. Like, you can put on your gym ware before going to sleep, so you’ll be more likely to attend your gym session. You can set the alarm away from the bed so you’ve to wake up and leave your bed to turn it off or set your coffee maker on timer so you can get it on time. There’re so many other habits you can adapt to make you an early riser by manipulating the environment around you.

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4. Sleep early so you can rise early

Just because you want to wake up early every morning doesn’t mean sleeping late and waking up early at any cost. No, your body deserves a solid 8 hours of sleep. As a good and sound sleep that you get is the key factor, when it comes to waking up early every morning. It’s not as easy to do as it sounds, especially when we’ve so many distractions like mobiles, laptops, tablets, televisions etc. It’s hard to stay away from them by locked them down. But it’s obvious that the earlier you make it up to bed, the earlier you’re likely to wake up in the morning.

Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise – Benjamin Franklin

In addition, manipulate your mind as well to wake up early every morning. If you’ve any unresolved issue that is keeping you awake at night, settle it up.

Exercise daily also helps a lot and you can also create bed rituals, but you’ve to strictly follow them.

Last but not the least stop hitting the snooze button. Set alarm, never snooze and stick to your wake-up time.

So, guys! Above were some tips to train yourself to wake up early every morning. Practice them each day and once you’re used to these rituals, you’ll never go back to being a not morning person again.

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