Wow BFA – Best Anchor Weed herbalism farming guide

The new wow expansion, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has now been out for a few months and everyone is busy farming gold. If you want to get on the herbalism gold mine then… all you need is to read this guide. We have included some of the most secret and best Herbalism farming techniques so far!

Anchor Weed Farming

The best method to farming Anchor Weed first requires an understanding on how to maximize it’s proc chance. Anchor Weed has a chance to spawn on any Riverbud, Sea Stalk, Winter’s Kiss or Akunda’s Bite nodes. So the best way to farm Anchor Weed is to pick a nice circular route set-up in such a way that by the time you get back to your starting point, the herbs will begin respawning. Your goal will be to pick as many herbs as possible and to reset for them to have a chance to become Anchor Weed meanwhile also not wasting any time having to wait for herb respawns.

This all might sound complicated but to simplify, you basically just need an amazing herb route. These routes can be hard to find due terrain and other factors that slow down herbalism speed. But we’ve found one of the best routes and will show it in the screenshot below.

Anchor Weed farming guide

This route is in Drustvar and while it only yields mostly Winter’s Kiss… At the same time it is also an amazing way to quickly gain hundreds of Anchor Weed! If you want to be gaining a variety of other herbs as well as Anchor weed than worry not, we will discuss other routes down below.

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Riverbud farming route

Their are two zones that are excellent for farming Riverbud. Tirsgarde sound as well as Nazmir. The other 4 zones in BFA do not offer enough closely packed nodes and thus are difficult to make good herbalism routes with.

Anchor Weed farming guide

Akunda’s Bite farming route

This herb sells particularly well on some servers due to how annoying it can be to farm, yet some farming routes do exist for this as well. In the south western pocket of Vol’dun, a really good Akunda’s Bite farming route that also yields a good amount of Anchor weed per hour also exists as shown in the image below

Anchor Weed farming guide

Sea Stalk farming route

If you want to farm Anchor weed through sea stalk, then this is also an option although not the most profitable, as sea stalk is a low selling herbs. Quite a few zones have a large amount of this herb in easily farmable locations (Tirsgarde Sound, Stormsong Valley). If you have a water walking mount then try the top left of Stormsong Valley, it has a nice route as shown.

Anchor Weed farming guide

If you do not have a water walking mount, then the riverbud farming route in Tirsgarde Sound is also fairly profitable, and drops many sea stalks.


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